Tyrrell Building Technologies

New manufacturing facility could be shot in the arm

Saturday 23 December 2023
TBT Group - Leigh Journal

In a recent article featured in the Leigh Journal by James Grundy, MP for Leigh, TBT Group's CEO Ged Tyrell unveils exciting proposals aimed at driving job creation and fostering innovation in Leigh. The article highlights the company's pioneering efforts in Smart Building solutions and its vision to establish a cutting-edge manufacturing facility, promising a bright future for the town's economic growth and prosperity.

Last week I met with businessman Ged Tyrell, CEO and founder of TBT Group to explore interesting new proposals aimed at shaping the future of Leigh by fostering high spec job creation through a potential opening of a cutting-edge manufacturing facility.

We discussed strategies to stimulate economic development, education, and job opportunities in the area. TBT Group is a pioneer in Smart Building solutions, developing cutting-edge IoT technologies for residential and commercial facilities to enhance resource consumption optimisation, streamlined operations and sustainability.


Both Ged and I share a common understanding of Leigh’s past and potential for rejuvenation. Once a bustling industrial town, it can experience a renaissance with joint efforts of dedicated business leaders like Ged, innovative new companies and others in the community. This collaborative approach aims to create a partnership between businesses, government and educational institutions.