About Tyrrell Building Technologies Group

The origins of Tyrrell Building Technologies Group can be traced back to 1997 and its original discipline of energy controls and automation within Tyrrell Systems. The group business units were initially expanded to include Tyrrell Products, a hi-tech software and hardware manufacturing and distribution business. Those business units continued to grow with more clients for our engineering team and more system integration partners for Tyrrell Products.

Following on from this continued success, we recognised that the analysis of building data for insights and reporting can create benefits for our clients, especially when coupled with our Halo Smart IoT (Internet of Things) wireless, cell-connected monitoring and control product line. We, therefore, acquired Simaxx for the group in 2016 to meet this need. Simaxx is a subscription-based software as a service (SAAS) software data analytics company, with options for On-Premises deployment. Simaxx is complementary to the other businesses in the group and completes our 360 Degree view required to meet the demands of smart building projects, delivered in-house or by partners including services, products, research and development and insights driven by data analytics.

We constantly push for improvement crafting our expertise through continual investment in the technology we develop and the management, sales, marketing and delivery team. We have a clear technology vision for products and services, which we deliver through our in-house R&D teams.

The group holds a considerable number of maintenance and new project contracts with well-known blue-chip customers. We are renowned for our expertise, capabilities and values and have continued to retain and strengthened our position with a strategy to land, expand and retain our customer base.

Group Companies

tyrrell products ltd logo
At Tyrrell Products, we design and develop smart building technology hardware and software products, including a range of Internet of Things (IoT) smart sensors and devices for monitoring and control in homes, small businesses, schools and offices. We also distribute the most powerful and most popular products from leading technology partners such as Tridium, BAPI, WebEasy and Ontrol. We have over 40 partners in EMEA, the USA and the Far East.
tyrrell systems ltd logo
Founded in 1997, Tyrrell Systems works with end client, main contractors and consultants to design, manage, deliver and support monitoring, automation and energy control and smart building systems. We operate across the UK and Europe. We work in commercial buildings, multi-housing schemes and more.
simaxx logo
Simaxx Analytics connects to smart building, energy and condition monitoring systems, including Internet of Things devices. Simaxx creates insights from data to save energy, avoid costs, improve occupancy wellbeing and provide compliance reporting with estate management and site-to-site benchmarking.

Group Brands for IoT Products and Services

halosmartiot logo
Halo Smart IoT is our brand for our high-tech range of cellular-connected sensors to monitor temperature, indoor air quality, leak detection, occupancy and utility consumption/costs. The range also includes devices for electrical and heating system control. Powerful dashboards and Apps for mobile devices with API connectivity are over a range of protocols.
halosmartliving logo
Halo Smart Living is a home and social housing focussed product range of devices, apps and services to reduce energy and control home focussed systems. These systems include heating boilers, heat pumps, solar panels, electrical loads, energy and utility metering. Apps are available for iOS and Android. API connectivity for external services such as IHP, IES and Simaxx using MQTT.