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Tyrrell Building Technology (TBT Group) is committed to providing innovative solutions tailored to the needs of Commercial Real Estate owners, managers, and tenants. Our comprehensive range of smart services caters to various requirements, including flagship new builds, innovative retrofit buildings, residential building portfolios, and individual needs.

Tyrrell Systems
Tyrrell Systems
The home of intelligent buildings solutions

Started with private equity investment in 1997 by founder, Ged Tyrrell, Tyrrell Systems is an engineering business, taking products and services from different suppliers to deliver projects to end clients and through secure contracts. The company continues to design and deliver smart building and IoT solutions, connecting intelligent systems in buildings together to unify user interface and reporting capabilities.

These solutions save time, money, energy and therefore costs. Our solutions provide reporting, monitoring and dashboards for well-being, space optimisation and compliance. Tyrrell Systems is the first stop for newly developed products and features for Tyrrell Products and Tyrrell Analytics, giving them an edge in the market, whilst allowing the new technology to be tested without fear of damage to reputation.

Tyrrell is now a smart building solution provider, designing highly technical solutions building on 23 years of experience to bring data to analytics platforms for insights, reporting and predictive maintenance We have shown record growth in 2021 based on the vision set in 2019 for a future in easily deployed IoT based solutions, a trend which can be seen to be continuing into 2022 and beyond.

Tyrrell Products
Creating and distribution the best hardware and software for the IoT & building automation world

At Tyrrell Products, we imagine and create advanced OEM, off-the-shelf hardware, and software products for building systems integration, control, and monitoring. We distribute and support our own products alongside those from other manufacturers who are well-known in our industry.

The support and training we offer has gained us a great reputation and through that, we have built a 30+ strong partner network in the UK, Middle East and a number of other countries through which we distribute those products, We also have a comprehensive website, with e-commerce web shop, through which we sell our products. We run certified virtual instructor led training courses every 2 months, which are generally always full and have great reviews.

Tyrrell Products Dubai

To effectively penetrate the Middle East market, our team has established Tyrrell Products DWC LLC, operating as a free zone entity in Dubai. This dedicated trading company serves as our gateway to securing government and regional contracts, particularly in instances where transactions necessitate compliance with local currency mandates.

Tyrrell Analytics
Intelligent software to improve building performance & promote a healthy environment

Tyrrell Analytics continuously collects data from buildings and transforms this into useful information based on smart analytic rules, intelligent software and algorithms. Multi-site performance monitoring provides the best environment for your occupants whilst maintaining optimum building efficiency.

Tyrrell Analytics is a Software as a Service smart building performance analytics business, whose software provides insights to estate managers, facility managers, local authorities and end-clients when systems are underperforming, energy is out of control or when compliance with regulations is at risk. Tyrrell Analytics incudes subscription-based features including dashboards, reports and automated facility management system work orders to improve well-being, reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, prove legislative compliance, enable smart cleaning services and deliver predictive maintenance, lowering operational costs. Tyrrell Analytics has an established customer based of 200 user in the Netherlands through our partner and a growing number of UK customers since internationalisation of the software was completed in 2021. Tyrrell Analytics underpins our work through Tyrrell Systems with local authorities for home monitoring solutions as well as within the strategic growth area of smart buildings.

Evidence of this can be seen in our financial results including recent orders for a Smart Building projects, housing and multi-site retail and leisure applications. Tyrrell Analytics also has a growing number of system integration partners who deploy Tyrrell Analytics with their own customers under a partner agreement and following training. This year sees our completion of US compatibility and our venture into that market to seek additional partners and growth. Being a subscription based SAAS solution, whether on premis or cloud hosted, Tyrrell Analytics is a business which is valued with larger EBITDAR multipliers than traditional businesses in this sector.

Halo Smart IoT
Monitoring residences for healthier & secure living
Delivering monitoring solution & valuable insights into portfolio performance, promptly alerting property managers to any emerging health risk factors

Halo Smart IoT offer easy install, and real-time monitoring solutions. Ensure business continuity, protect property, occupants and ensure well being. One of our digital delivery brands for our easy / self install intelligent wireless monitoring and control products for homes and small commercial buildings. Halo products comprise of a wide range of high-tech sensors, meters and control products complemented by dedicated mobile Apps, cloud-based dashboards and Tyrrell Analytics.

This combination of high-tech hardware, software and analytics help customers to save energy, improve well-being, reduce food wastage and report through Tyrrell Analytics on government compliance requirements for food safety, hot water temperature and more. Halo Smart IoT systems are Intelligent Energy Solution (IES) compliant as part of local authority Innovative Housing Programmes (IHP).

With Halo Smart IoT solutions you can:

  • Monitor food storage appliance temperatures to alert on failing fridges and avoid food wastage
  • Alert on leak detection to protect properties and people
  • Monitor for Smoke and Carbon monoxide levels
  • Ensure the wellbeing of occupants through indoor air quality sensing and alert
  • Check for compliance of hot water tank temperatures to protect against the risk of legionella
  • Monitor the energy consumption and running costs of numerous appliances
  • Control appliances or energy consumers in the property

Applications so far include:

  • Petrol stations and service station retail operations for fridges, freezers and food warmers
  • Launderette energy saving and control for washing machines and dryers
  • School hot water compliance temperature monitoring and reporting
  • Site-wide electricity metering projects with consumption and cost reporting
Halo Smart Living
Empowering Homeowners: Mastering Control for Cost-effective Living

Halo Smart Living is a home automation, monitoring and control solution, with added cloud API connectivity to make it suitable for large scale deployments through local authorities, social housing and home building organisations. Heating, hot water, lighting, PV, well-being and utility metering is all possible through the Apps and Cloud services. Halo Smart Living systems can be easily installed by a qualified electrician without the need for a specialist or can be supplied as cellular-connected kits for local authorities under the management of Tyrrell Systems.

Like Halo Smart IoT, the Smart Living systems are compliant with local authority Innovative Housing Programmes (IHP) as an Intelligent Energy Solution (IES), with hundreds of installations already in place. guaranteed to make your life easier! From heating to lighting it can all be controlled via our simple app. But what From a user benefit perspective, Halo Smart Living will let you control and manage your home from the intuitive mobile App on your smartphone or tablet. 

With Halo Smart Living you can:

  • Set the times when your heating comes on and off
  • Allow your location to control the heating and hot water system
  • You can change the temperature set points
  • Save money and energy
  • Reduce the use of carbon-based fuels
  • See how much you are spending on the running of your system
  • Control lighting systems when you are in or out of your home

Applications so far include:

  • Local Authority housing schemes including the Innovative Housing Programme (IHP)
  • Houses of multiple occupancy energy control and monitoring solutions
  • Student accommodation energy control and monitoring
  • Properties owned and/or managed by registered social landlords
  • Temperature, lighting and appliance control and cost reduction in pubs and restaurants